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Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Vida Solutions is the social enterprise partner of the non-profit New Life International (NLI) based out of Underwood, Indiana in the USA. The goal of Vida Solutions is to further the reach of our technology and innovation that benefits the global community in the areas of non-hazardous surface disinfection, personal hygiene and wound care coupled with the ambition to establish income-generating avenues for poor and marginalized people groups in a sustainable and generous manner. We are a small organization with big dreams. Vida Solutions India is the official operator and distributor of the H2autO Hypochlorous system, developed by New Life International, and its products.

Benefiting the Global Community


Our goal is to leverage technology and innovation to benefit the global community.  Our greatest ambition is to make safe and effective hygiene and wound care solutions accessible to the marginalized communities, wherever they may be.

Who We Are

A Cleaner, Safer and Healthier Choice for

The Sanitation Experts

A young organization with big dreams.
Vida Soluations is the official operator and distributor of the H2autO Hypochlorous system, and it's product.

The Sanitation Experts

A young organization with big dreams.
Vida Solutions is the official operator and distributor of the H2autO Hypochlorous system and its product.

“Start small, start now. Think and dream big as to the ongoing possibilities...”

Duvon McGuire
Founder & President,
Vida Solutions
Our team designs, manufactures, and innovates life-transforming hypochlorous acid products with the aim to make it financially and socially accessible.

We provide services that assist users with effectively using our products to its fullest potential.

Our work is more than just providing products and services. We seek to transform lives and create social impact.


Safe for use in many applications
Hypochlorous acid's effectiveness as a disinfectant arises from its potent oxidizing properties, which efficiently disrupt the cellular structures of microorganisms, rendering them harmless. Additionally, its non-toxic nature makes it safe for use in various applications, including wound care and surface disinfection. With its broad-spectrum antimicrobial action, rapid pathogen neutralization, and absence of harmful residues, hypochlorous acid is well-suited for diverse scenarios.
United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has endorsed Hypochlorous acid as a disinfectant safe for use against COVID-19[1]. A scientific study on bacterial load demonstrated more than 99% reduction of pathogens 20 minutes after the application of HOCI (Hypochlorous acid) [2].


Medical-grade hypochlorous acid has a shelf-life. It is also expensive and unaffordable for the most vulnerable patients in the developing world. We developed a simple yet cost-effective H2autO Hypochlorous System that was first designed by Duvon McGuire. The System can produce afford- able and life-changing hypochlorous acid on-site using a simple and accessible technology.

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) boasts a wide array of applications and products across various sectors due to its potent disinfectant, antimicrobial, and
non-toxic properties.

  • • Surface disinfection in hospitals, clinics, and health care facilities. Instrument sterilization in medical settings.

    • Wound management and disinfection.
    • Hand sanitizers for medical professionals.

  • • Cleaning and sanitizing in hotels, restaurants, and transportation.

    • Disinfection of public spaces, rooms, and facilities.

    • Travel-sized disinfectant products.

  • • Rapid disinfection in disaster management and emergency situations.

    • Maintaining hygiene in crisis response scenarios.

  • • Disinfection of food contact surfaces and equipment.

    • Water treatment for food processing.
    • Ensuring food safety in processing plants.

  • • Disinfection of food contact surfaces and equipment.

    • Water treatment for food processing.
    • Ensuring food safety in processing plants.

  • Sanitization of shopping carts, checkout counters, and high-touch areas.

    • Disinfection in retail stores and malls.

  • • Disinfection of classrooms, surfaces, and shared equipment in schools.

    • Sanitizing educational materials and environ ments.

  • • Wound care solutions, disinfectants, and shampoos for animals.

  • • Wound cleaners and sprays for effective wound management.

  • Is Hypochlorous Acid environmentally friendly?
    Yes, Hypochlorous Acid is eco-friendly. After use, it breaks down into water and salt, leaving behind no harmful residues or chemicals. This makes it a sustainable and responsible choice for cleaning and disinfection without causing harm to the environment.
  • What is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)?
    Hypochlorous Acid, commonly referred to as HOCl, is a mild acid that forms when chlorine gas dissolves in water. It is renowned for its potent oxidizing and disinfecting properties, making it highly effective against a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.
  • Is Hypochlorous Acid effective against COVID-19?
    Hypochlorous Acid has demonstrated effectiveness against a wide range of viruses and bacteria, and it can be used as a surface disinfectant against COVID-19. However, it is crucial to follow the guidelines and recommendations provided by health authorities for comprehensive protection, including vaccination and mask-wearing.
  • How does Hypochlorous Acid work as a disinfectant?
    Hypochlorous Acid functions as a potent disinfectant by attacking microorganisms on multiple fronts. It disrupts the cell walls and membranes of these pathogens, effectively rendering them inactive. Furthermore, HOCl neutralizes vital proteins and enzymes that are critical for the survival of these microorganisms, ensuring a comprehensive and effective disinfection process.
  • Where can I purchase Hypochlorous Acid products?
    Our products will be available through various retailers, both online and in physical stores soon. Ask for a sample of the products by clicking "Contact us".
  • What are the common uses of Hypochlorous Acid?
    Hypochlorous Acid is versatile and finds application in various fields, including: Disinfection of surfaces and environments: It is highly effective at sanitizing surfaces in homes, offices, and healthcare facilities. Wound care and first aid: HOCl is used for cleaning and disinfecting wounds and minor cuts, promoting the healing process. Food sanitation: HOCl can be employed in food processing and preparation areas to maintain hygiene and prevent contamination. Dental hygiene: Some dental products contain HOCl for its antimicrobial properties. Veterinary care: Veterinarians use HOCl for wound cleaning and disinfection in animals.
  • Do I need to rinse after using Hypochlorous Acid?
    In most cases, rinsing is not necessary after applying Hypochlorous Acid. You can simply let the treated surfaces air dry, which is not only convenient but also helps conserve water.
  • Can Hypochlorous Acid be used as a hand sanitizer?
    Yes, Hypochlorous Acid can serve as an effective hand sanitizer. It is gentle on the skin and does not cause dryness or irritation, making it a suitable choice for frequent hand disinfection.
  • How should Hypochlorous Acid be stored?
    Hypochlorous Acid should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. It is recommended to keep it in its original container to maintain its effectiveness over time.
  • Can Hypochlorous Acid be used on all surfaces?
    Hypochlorous Acid is generally safe for use on a wide variety of surfaces, including countertops, glass, stainless steel, fabrics, and more. However, as a best practice, it's advisable to perform a small compatibility test on a discreet area of a new surface to ensure there are no adverse reactions.
  • Is Hypochlorous Acid safe for humans and pets?
    Yes, Hypochlorous Acid is exceptionally safe for both humans and pets when used as instructed. It is non-toxic and doesn't produce harmful fumes or residues. In fact, HOCl is naturally produced by our own white blood cells as a key component of our immune response, underscoring its safety.

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