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Hand Sanitizer

VidaPure™ is a hypochlorous hand sanitizer designed to effectively combat bacteria and germs on hands. Unlike traditional hand sanitizers, it leaves no residue, ensuring a clean and comfortable feel after each use. VidaPure™ efficiently eliminates harmful microorganisms commonly found in the immediate environment, providing a reliable defense against potential infections. The product’s formulation balances efficacy with gentleness, making it suitable for regular use without causing irritation or dryness. Whether in public spaces, healthcare facilities, or daily routines, VidaPure™ offers peace of mind by promoting optimal hand hygiene, maintaining cleanliness and protecting against a variety of pathogens.

Available sizes: 100 ml and 500 ml

Our technology ensures unparalleled purity, guaranteeing the most effective disinfection without compromise.

Pain Free
Our products ensure a pain-free experience and are suitable for various applications without causing discomfort.

Residue Free
Our products guarantee a residue-free finish, leaving surfaces clean and ready for immediate use without any leftover residue.


With a hypotonic solution, we provide a gentle yet potent disinfection process, making our products suitable for various applications without causing harm.

What sets VidaPure apart?

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