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Available sizes: 1 Litre and 3 Litre


Surface Disinfectant

VidaGuard™ is an innovative hypochlorous-based disinfectant formulated to provide unparalleled protection for surface areas, contact points in the

environment and medical equipment. Engineered to combat the spread of bacteria, germs, and viruses, it serves as a vigilant guardian for homes, public spaces, and medical facilities alike. VidaGuard™ effectively neutralizes harmful microorganisms, creating a robust shield against potential infections, helping to ensure a safer environment for all.

The advanced formulation is designed for maximum efficacy while remaining gentle on surfaces and safe for use in various settings. VidaGuard™ provides peace of mind by delivering thorough disinfection without leaving behind harmful residues or compromising on safety.

What sets VidaGuard Apart?

Our technology ensures unparalleled purity, guaranteeing the most effective disinfection without compromise.

Cation and Bleach Free
Our products are free from harmful cations that can compromise
effectiveness, ensuring thorough and safe disinfection. In addition,
we offer a bleach-free alternative, providing powerful disinfection
without the harsh chemicals associated with bleach.

Stabilizer Additive Free
No stabilizers are added, ensuring the utmost purity and effective-
ness in every application.

Residue Free
Our products gurrantee a residue-free finish, leaving surfaces clean
and ready for immediate use without any leftover residue.

Cruelty Free
Committed to ethical practices, our products are cruelty-free,
reflecting our dedication to both effectiveness and compassion.

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