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Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Benefiting the Global Community

Social Enterprise

Our social enterprise model is built upon three pillars: mission alignment, tech innovation, and community reinvestment. 


It is about leveraging business as a force for good. We aim to create tangible value for society as a whole. 


By aligning our mission, driving innovation, and reinvesting in communities, we strive to build a more equitable, healthier, and sustainable world for everyone.

“Start small, start now. Think and dream big as to the ongoing possibilities...”

Duvon McGuire
Founder & President,
Vida Solutions

Mission Alignment

Our primary focus is to benefit our community, particularly those who are underserved. We are deeply passionate about addressing issues related to health and hygiene, recognizing them as fundamental human rights. By aligning our mission with the needs of our community, we drive the development and distribution of essential health products that have a tangible, positive impact on people's lives.

Tech Innovation

Innovation is integral to our approach. Through our cutting-edge H2autO Hypochlorous Technology, we develop advanced wound care and hygiene products that are effective, eco-friendly, and accessible. This technology not only improves the efficacy of our solutions but also ensures their widespread availability in the country, thereby significantly impacting public health on a national and global scale.

Community Reinvestment

We believe in the power of reinvestment to uplift communities worldwide. By channeling our profits back into community partnerships, we support initiatives that promote growth, development, and sustainability. This commitment to reinvestment creates a positive cycle wherein the benefits of our enterprise extend far beyond our immediate reach, contributing to the greater good and fostering long-term, meaningful change.

A Cleaner, Safer and Healthier Choice for

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) boasts a wide array of applications and products across various sectors due to its potent disinfectant, antimicrobial, and
non-toxic properties.

  • • Surface disinfection in hospitals, clinics, and health care facilities. Instrument sterilization in medical settings.

    • Wound management and disinfection.
    • Hand sanitizers for medical professionals.

  • • Cleaning and sanitizing in hotels, restaurants, and transportation.

    • Disinfection of public spaces, rooms, and facilities.

    • Travel-sized disinfectant products.

  • • Rapid disinfection in disaster management and emergency situations.

    • Maintaining hygiene in crisis response scenarios.

  • • Disinfection of food contact surfaces and equipment.

    • Water treatment for food processing.
    • Ensuring food safety in processing plants.

  • • Disinfection of food contact surfaces and equipment.

    • Water treatment for food processing.
    • Ensuring food safety in processing plants.

  • Sanitization of shopping carts, checkout counters, and high-touch areas.

    • Disinfection in retail stores and malls.

  • • Disinfection of classrooms, surfaces, and shared equipment in schools.

    • Sanitizing educational materials and environ ments.

  • • Wound care solutions, disinfectants, and shampoos for animals.

  • • Wound cleaners and sprays for effective wound management.

New Life International

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Underwood, Indiana 47177

United States

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